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Luxury Villas In Candidasa

CANDIDASA LUXURY VILLA - Luxury Villas In Candidasa

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To inspire you, herewith our handpicked compile of Best luxury villas in Candidasa.

BEST DEALS! WA +62 812-3963-0889, Villa Bakung Candidasa
DescriptionBEST RATE! VILLA BAKUNG CANDIDASA - 4 BEDROOM VILLA IN CANDIDASA. Villa Bakung Candidasa is part of the Siri Mendira Beach Villas estate, with two adjacent four-bedroom properties (Villa Cempaka and Villa Angsoka), making this a good choice for larger groups.
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From USD 695 / Night
BEST DEALS! WA +62 812-3963-0889, Villa Aamisha Bali
DescriptionVilla Aamisha Bali is a luxury villa in Bali with ocean view features four deluxe suites. And is a perfect holiday retreat for large groups like a large families or a group of friends. This ocean view villa is a perfect place to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, wedding ceremony and party and also a comfortable place for family gatherings.
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From USD 495 / Night