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Dinner With The Great Elephant Bali Zoo
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Get up close and personal with the resident animals of Bali Zoo, including beautiful sun bears, deer and elephants. Then, having dinner with elephants Bali Zoo at Gayo Restaurant overlooking the Elephant Park, watch amazing dance shows by costumed performers and more.

Dinner With The Great Elephant Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo Park not only can be visited in the morning or afternoon time, but this zoo that located in Singapadu area is also suitable to visit in the late afternoon. You might ever wonder what you can do in the zoo when an evening comes. Now, you can experience an incredible evening at Bali Zoo Park by taking their "Dinner with Elephants Bali Zoo" Package. Based on the name, your dinner will be accompanied with the great elephants of Bali Zoo.

When you arrive at Bali Zoo Park, their staff will ask you to go to ticket counter that located on the west side of parking area. While waiting your turn to buy the ticket, do not forget to take some pictures around the ticket counter.

After getting your ticket, their staff will give you Bali Zoo Park map in which you can use for your guidance when entering the zoo. If you still do not understand, do not be hesitate to ask them, they will be glad to assist you.

From the moment you enter the zoo, deer and some species of birds will welcome you. You need to walk to shuttle bus stop to get the restaurant and you can find other animals species i.e. python, turtle, etc. One thing you will not forget is when you have a chance to sit on top of the shuttle bus and feel the breeze as well as a nice evening atmosphere of Bali Zoo Park.

After arriving at the spot where your dinner is prepared, you will be welcomed by Bali Zoo's elephants with its keepers who have been ready with Sumatran attire. Don't miss the chance to take some pictures with world’s largest land animal.

The trip will continue to enjoy traditional Sumatrans Dance

By the time at 7 pm, you will enjoy some dances from Sumatra i.e. Saman Dance, Tari Piring (Plate Dance), and Tari Payung (Umbrella Dance). In addition, there are also animals’ presentations where in some chances you can touch the animals. Surely, this section would be an interesting part before your dinner.

When the show is over, the guests are invited to come to the restaurant for dinner. For sure, the elephants and the keepers are ready to accompany your dinner. What is an interesting thing about dinner with elephants Bali Zoo Park is there are around 60 foods of Asian and Western including BBQ grilled that you can enjoy. The menus will make you confused on which one you will try first, however if you want to try them all, you can take each meal with a small portion or you can have sharing meals with your family or friends. At the end of your dinner, the staff will invite you to dance together by following their body movements. It's awesome!

The Fire Spectaculair Dance

When your dinner is over, it does not mean there is nothing you can enjoy. The Fire Dance is the last performance that will amaze you. Their staff will invite you to sit near the elephant's pool to watch the show. A dramatic and amazing impression will pop into your mind. You also have the opportunity to take pictures with the dancers at the end of their performance.

You can to leave the restaurant when the last show is over and head for the shuttle bus stop. In addition, you also can visit Zoovenir booth to buy Bali Zoo Park special souvenirs or to see your photos.

We are sure you will leave Bali Zoo Park with an unforgettable dinner.